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We did not intend to open a Las Vegas junk removal company but, after many years in the construction industry we always had customers asking us to haul their Las Vegas junk and haul it away for them. Well, since we were already hauling away all our construction debris and cut off materials it was not a big deal to haul off some boxes of junk and stuff. Sometimes, people would ask us to cart away a sofa or some boxes of garage sale leftovers and we would find ourselves finding ways to re-use these items as we found it shameful to dump it at the landfill. Especially if it was in good shape. We made it a point to donate them to Savers or Goodwill and other charities. We had customers calling us after an estate sale, asking us to help them clear the house. It became a second business for us, we would help our customers who had looked into other Las Vegas junk removal companies and were shocked at what some of these companies charged for their services. Some of these other companies will not give an estimate over the phone and they try to say it simplifies things and it gives you a more accurate estimate by forcing someone to come out and take a look. I think this probably puts pressure on people to get things removed even at high prices since the junk removers are already on your property .We strive to provide Las Vegas junk removal services at the lowest prices possible while properly disposing or donating all items and materials we handle. We offer upfront pricing (even over the phone!) and we try hard to be as accurate as possible in providing these estimates based on your descriptions of what is to be hauled away.


Las Vegas Junk and Haul Garage Junk Removal

Las Vegas Junk and Haul Garage full Junk Removal

Las Vegas Junk and Haul Garage full of Junk Removal

Las Vegas Junk and Haul full Garage Junk Removal

Las Vegas Junk and Haul apartment full Junk Removal

Las Vegas Junk and Haul house full Junk Removal